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<3 Ohio Mommies <3

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Hi all!! Welcome to Ohio Mommies. Membership open to mommies or mommies-to-be in or around Ohio.

When joining this community, please copy & fill in the following questionaire and post into the community as your first post.

Where in Ohio are you from?:
Children (names & DOB):
Pregnant? If so, when are you due?:

I am re-doing the user info page. I would like to update the info on our current members. Please, if you have any new info (pregnant, a new baby, moved, so on and so forth... let me know by replying HERE

Community Themes

Monday's & Friday's are "Picture Day". Please feel free to share pictures of your family with us mommies!!

All picture posts on Monday's & Friday's MUST be LOCKED to "Friends Only" so only members of this community will be able to view. If it is not locked, it will be deleted.
If posting more than one picture or an extremely large picture, please put behind an lj-cut. Thanks!!!

Mommy Members

NW Ohio

dueinoctober Toledo, Mother to Greg 9/4/98 and Ethan born 9/4/05
kaesiah Defiance, Mother to Asiah and Kaelyb
kerpleenket Perrysburg, Mother to Anthony Christopher 10/29/04 and Addison Elizabeth 5/22/06
momajimenez Defiance, Mother to Zach 8/5/92, Jacob 1/14/98, Nico 12/24/98, and Caileigh 8/22/01
ninjatab Fremont, Mother to Brendan 11/6/02 and Kirsten 12/30/04
pequena_chica Toledo, Mother to Gabriel born 10/15/04
sxychikoh Port Clinton, Mother to Cameron 2/12/00, Kharis 8/12/04, and Addisyn 5/30/06
trippen_girl420 Perrysburg, Mother to Sydney Nicole born 8/7/04 went to heaven 2 hours after birth.

NE Ohio

blue_geek_girl Akron, Mother to Chloe born 3/23/05
dreamzcometru Cleveland, Mother to Jasmine Sierra
gaelstreasures Cleveland, Mother to Decaln 6/12/03
haizle Garfield Hts, Mother to Alexander and Jacob
katjambl Silverlake, Mother to Daniel 7/18/05
kissmyfists Akron, Mother to Anthony David 7/19/01, and Paris Nicole 10/16/04
krista Austintown, Mother to Sydney 9/15/02
mamalambs Medina, Mother to Logan 4/13/04
momluvsherkids Barberton, Mother to Angelina 6/9/05, Vincent Lee 9/10/01 and went to heaven do to infant leukemia on 2/1/03, and Kaylynn Marie who went to heaven during pregnancy on 9/26/03
lovebill Cleveland, Mother to Teagan
luckygrrl75 Medina, Mother of Kal
rianistar Elyria, Mother to a boy born 1/4/06
tattoogoddess Avon Lake, pregnant due 2/16/07
versimilitant Bay Villiage, Mother to Catherine, pregnant due

Central Ohio

annimal Lima, Mother to Taylor 3/6/1993, Robert 6/3/1994, Aaron 10/10/1998, Bailey Rose 10/31/2002 and Alexander 12/13/04
_birthofvenus_Greenville, Mother to Eain 3/23/05
bluestars Columbus, Mother to Augustine Isaac Sigler 4/15/05, TTC #2
leviathaen Columbus, Mother to Layne 2/9/05
oddest1 Columbus, Mother to Liam 9/13/00
sweetartmandi21 Columbus, Mother to Donovan Maurice 10/20/04
thackerie Columbus, Mother to Renton 11/19/99 and Eli 5/22/03
veronica525 Galloway, Mother to Brianna 8/8/01 and Kaitlyn 6/27/04

Southern Ohio

bobbiewriting Middletown, Mother to Tyler
eyes_of_beauty Springdale, Mother to CJ 1/16/98, BBK 12/2/99, and Roo 11/22/05
geojaguar Cincinnati, Mother to Jayge 8/19/94
joshies_mommie Middletown, Mother to Josh 1/13/03
lindsayxluck Reily Township, pregnant due 8/1/06
myeah Dayton, Mother to twin girls, Alani and Tegan 4/6/05
mysticalchick79 Kettering, Mother to Tyler 1/25/97, Benjamin 6/5/99, Evan 12/2/01, and Tess 4/16/04
nicbrat_1 Trenton, Mother to Ryan 5/1/04
stormieskyes Waverly, Mother to Cory, Carey, and Trevor
taylor_brienna Dayton, Mother to Taylor 11/21/01 and Brienna 5/24/04

Other Ohio Mommies

abseteeshe Mother to Nicholas 11/17/05
carinn Mother to Gwendolyn 5/17/05
enzwill Mother to Chloe Mina 10/10/04
gipperakh Mother to Shyann 8/4/05 and Jackson Davis Black 7/6/04
imnluvwitbri Mother to Brianna 9/15/03 and Carson 7/11/05
lilshortie54 Mother to Skye 10/5/05
mommyof2_boys Mother to Chandler and Aaron
thehippiechick Mother to Nathaniel
zoeys_mama Mother to Zoey Michelle 1/20/05

They're Expecting!!!




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pregnancy due date

having a baby

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