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Tutus For Sale/Trade -x posted a bit

I make and sell tutus to make a little extra money. I also love to trade, so if you make something (crochet, knit, sew, jewelry, etc.), let me know and maybe we can work something out!

All of my tutus are hand-tied onto ribbon (not elastic) so that they are adjustable up to 3 inches in either direction comfortably, so there is plenty of room to grow. This also means have an opening in the back (that you can't see if the tutu is fit properly) and they are designed to tie in the back.

The following are some of the tutus (and headbands/bows) I've made recently (in the last 3 months) and their parents have given me permission to use the photos in advertising. Prices are negotiable, but generally they're around $25.

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Name: krystal.
Status: married.
Age: 23
Location: canton.
Children: 5 year old daughter & one on the way!
Sahm/wohm/wahm: WOHM -- but in 4 months I'll be a SAHM, finally!
Hobbies: cardio, reading, music, dancing, having drinks with my friends, spending quality time with my daughter, scrapbooking, blogging, gossip sites/mags, traveling and boating.
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New here

Hi there! I've lived in Ohio about six months now, and am finally getting around to joining up all the pregnancy/maternity/parenting communities, lol.

Name: Heather
Where in Ohio are you from?: Glendale/Cincinnati
Children (names & DOB): Vincent Carlo Montemagno if he's a boy, still unsure if she's a girl. Something Polynesian to go with my heritage.
Pregnant? If so, when are you due?: July 11, 2008

Nice meeting everyone!


Hi everyone!

Name: Chrissy
Status: married
Age: 23
Location: Columbus ( by Groveport and Canal Winchester)
Children: Alexandra, will be 3 next month, and Madison 9 weeks
Sahm/wohm/wahm: SAHM
Hobbies: crafts, sewing, crocheting, reading, enjoying the outdoors, taking the kids and dogs for a walk, swimming, camping, DIY, Home Improvement,...

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Cafe and Play

I have a favor to ask!

Quickbooks is offering $50,000 to a selected group of finalists with their own business start up plans. There is a family here in Columbus wanting to open a restraurant friendly to both kids and healthy eating habits called "Cafe and Play". mayna brought this to my attention, and I am trying to do my best to help spread the word even more. Now is a very important time to help this family get their plan off the ground. They were ahead in votes for quite a while, but have just recently lost the lead.

To all of you parents who have had a hard time finding a place your kids can both play, and eat a healthy meal at, please go to and read about their idea. If you like the plan, they provide a link on the site to vote for them.

If my word alone is good enough, you can go directly to and vote for aderouch!

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We are looking for feedback from Moms of all ages to share their wisdom and intimate experiences on life’s milestones, miracles and challenges. We are attempting to create a Mom’s memory journal with a unifying voice and we can only make this happen with your help. Please respond to the following questions using 100-300 words. Thank you so much for your time and contribution.

you can view the questions at

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Name: ambersue
Status: married.
Age: 23
Location: canton. (but i'm from akron<3
Children: 8 month old son
Sahm/wohm/wahm: currently SAHM
Hobbies: reading, cooking, exercising (though i'm better at gaining than losing weight.) drinking coffee, tattoos. and i love celebrity gossip. what the heck is up with britney being pregnant again?!

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