Amber (leviathaen) wrote in ohio_mommies,

Cafe and Play

I have a favor to ask!

Quickbooks is offering $50,000 to a selected group of finalists with their own business start up plans. There is a family here in Columbus wanting to open a restraurant friendly to both kids and healthy eating habits called "Cafe and Play". mayna brought this to my attention, and I am trying to do my best to help spread the word even more. Now is a very important time to help this family get their plan off the ground. They were ahead in votes for quite a while, but have just recently lost the lead.

To all of you parents who have had a hard time finding a place your kids can both play, and eat a healthy meal at, please go to and read about their idea. If you like the plan, they provide a link on the site to vote for them.

If my word alone is good enough, you can go directly to and vote for aderouch!

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