amy may (easycure) wrote in ohio_mommies,
amy may

Yard Sale

I'm having a yard sale this weekend fri - sun 8 am to 2pm

I have massive amounts of premie to 2t boys/girls clothes! They are all in great shape! And super cheap!

There will be the following:

Sleepers $1
onesies (short sleeved) .25
onesies (long sleeved) .50
outfits (1 peice) $1
outfits (2 peice) $2
dresses (1 peice) $1
dresses (2 peice) $2
pants, shorts, and skirts $1
sweaters, jackets, hoodies $1

there will also be winter coats for the little ones, blankets, socks, and tons of shoes (all priced individually!

There will toys and many collectables as well!

I live in galloway off of Hall rd (across from alton-hall elemantary)

there will be tons of signs in the area pointing you in the right direction!
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