urbunnie (urbunnie) wrote in ohio_mommies,

Intro, doctor hunt question

Name: urbunnie... or Jen
Where in Ohio are you from?: We are moving to Bowling Green in two weeks
Children (names & DOB): Yet to be determined
Pregnant? If so, when are you due?: I am 21 weeks pregnant and due September 9. Anatomy u/s next week.

So, we are moving in the middle of my pregnancy, which brings all sorts of joys to it, though I'm very happy because we are finally buying a house. Woo hoo! Among other parts that suck, though, is that I need to find a new doctor. My current doctor sucked at recommending one. Does anyone have any good recommendations for OB/GYN, birthing centers and/or midwives in the south Toledo/Perrysburg/Maumee/Bowling Green/Findlay area?

I'm sort of going into this blind, so any feedback could help. So far, my realtor has recommended Maumee OB/GYN and a neighbor recommended Dr. Sarah Pluckett in Perrysburg. Have any of you used these doctors, and what was your experience?

Thanks in advance!
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